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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - Morin, Pierre-Hector et Achille
Morin, Pierre-Hector et Achille
Article diffusé depuis le 05-août-20

A gauche, l'épouse de Pierre-Hector Morin, Marie Victoire Côté. A droite, portrait de Pierre-Hector Morin, deux portraits peints vers 1808 et conservés au musée de Fort Malden (Amherstburg, Ontario). Merci à Cliff Huber

L`Article se présente comme un dépouillement généalogique. La BIOGRAPHIE de Pierre-Hector, Achille-Gabriel et de Lucien se trouve plus bas, à la cinquième génération.
Merci à M. Cliff Huber
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Descendants of Robert Duhamel (1) - 5 Aug 2002


1. Robert Duhamel (1)1 was born in France.

He was married to Francoise Guillot (daughter of 2nd h Jean dit Boisguillot Guillot and Claire-Francoise Marie Trut)
+2 i. 1st h Capt. Julien Duhamel (born in 1723).


2. 1st h Capt. Julien Duhamel1 (Robert-1) was born in 1723 in St Malo by Isle-et-Velaine Brittany France. Navigator He died on 16 Nov 1778 in Quebec City. He was naturalized 1753-from Archeveche de Paris in Quebec.

He was married to Marie-Angelique Duval (daughter of Francois Dupolo Duval and Marie Elisabeth Goupil) 3 Nov 1753 Port Joly in Dupont Islet Jeremie Saguenay Quebec. Marie-Angelique Duval1 was born on 2 Aug 1733 in L`Islet Jeremie Saguenay Quebec. She was naturalized in 1753 in Quebec. She died in 1778 in Quebec. 1st h Capt. Julien Duhamel and Marie-Angelique Duval had the following children:

+3 i. 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel (born on 29 Aug 1764).
+4 ii. Marie-Angelique Duhamel (born about 1754).
+5 iii. Julien Duhamel (born on 1 Feb 1759).


3. 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel1 (1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born on 29 Aug 1764 in Quebec Parish. Marie Rose was baptized at home.
Brother Charles Duhamel b 1762 m Marie Louise Canac Marquis 1785/07/26
Nephew Julien b 1798 4/27
Sister Elisabeth m Jospeh Bezeau 1789/11/17
Sister Marie Angelique Bouchette b 1771 m 1789/11/17

She was married to 1st h Captain Pierre Morin 22 Oct 1777 to 1781 in Ontario. 1st h Captain Pierre Morin2,1 was born in 1750 in Quebec. Lieut. of his Majesty`s Service on Lake Ontario and Captain of Long Cours.(ocean voyages?) He had brother in law or step brother, Joseph Bezeau. He died on 13 Nov 1797 in Quebec. 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel and 1st h Captain Pierre Morin had the following children:

+6 i. Captain Pierre-Hector Morin (born in 1784).

She was married to 2nd h Charles-Claude Cote (son of 1st h Claude-Charles Cote and Marie-Elisabeth Prou(l)x) on 1 Sep 1800 in Quebec. 2nd h Charles-Claude Cote3,4,5,1 was born on 1 Apr 1756 in Montmagny Quebec. sister- Marie Louise Cote
uncle-Pierre Fortin He died > 1808. A marine navigator by profession. 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel and 2nd h Charles-Claude Cote had the following children:

+7 i. Dr Cyrille-Hector-Octave Cote (born on 1 Sep 1809).

4. Marie-Angelique Duhamel1 (1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born about 1754.

She was married to Jean-Baptiste Bouchette in 1771 in Quebec. Marie-Angelique Duhamel and Jean-Baptiste Bouchette had the following children:

8 i. Joseph Bouchette1 was born on 14 May 1774 in Quebec City. He died in 1841 in Montreal. Qualified as a surveyor in 1791, he drew up a master plan for Toronto Harbour. Enlisted in the Royal Canadian Volunteer regiment and in 1796 bought a Lieutenant`s commission (standard practice for officers then). Taking up residence in Motnreal, he was in command of an armed ship plus a detachment of 30 soldiers.
In 1804, he became the Surveyor-General of Lower Canada (Quebec). In the War of 1812 against the uS, he was on reconnaisance missions. He became a Lieut-Colonel in 1813.
1834 saw him in Europe. He was conversant in both French and English.

5. Julien Duhamel1,6 (1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born on 1 Feb 1759 in L`Islet Jeremie Saguenay Quebec. THE SCHOONER "RESOLUTION".
Deed of Sale in 1797 and Record of her Captains.
Ref.: 35 ton schooner built in Chaleur Bay in 1785; Her Captains included:; Julien Duhamel;; Sale Price L100.

He was married to Marie-Joseph Crete (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Crete and Marie Joseph Atmond) on 4 Jul 1780 in Detroit MI. Marie-Joseph Crete7,1 was born on 5 May 1763 in Bout d`Ille Montreal.


6. Captain Pierre-Hector Morin8,9,10,11,12,1 (2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel-3, 1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born in 1784 in "Outside of Quebec" probably Ontario.13 Pierre was the Harbourmaster of Montreal when captured by British troops at St Denis during the Rebellion of 1837. He was the second in command of the Patriot Camp of Napierville. Convicted of treason along with his son Achille, who was treasurer of the Napierville Rebel Unit, and 56 other French Canadians, he was sent to Parramatta Prison north of Sydney Australia. The prison ship, "Buffalo", left Canada in 1839 and arrived in Sydney almost 6 months later in 1840. The French Canadians were considered model prisoners, and after a year of incarceration, were allowed to work for wages for private citizens and live in private homes. His ticket of leave to work for a Mr SR Nicholls was issued 5 Feb 1842.
The amount paid in wages is always 3/6 per week and the amount lodged in the bank per month either 15/- or 20/-.
Pierre received a Royal Pardon dated at Windsor Castle 10 Nov 1843 and left for Canada in 1847 by way of England. The Revue Canadienne stated that Pierre and son Achilles arrived in London in good health to take passage aboard the "Zealous" on June 16th for Montreal. As they were broke, money from Quebec has been sent to pay for the trip from London to Montreal. Pierre and Achille and one other exile were the last 3 to arrive home. His post of Harbourmaster was given back to him as in 1851 he was listed in the Montreal census as living in Trinity House.
brothers - Julien Olivier (died at 3 1795), Edouard Olivier (died 1795 2 mo)
sisters- Marie Rose, Marie Julie (died at 5, 1794) Felicite b 1797

Description of PH Morin before being sent to Australia.
"He could read and write, Catholic, married, 3 male children, 1 female, a mariner charged with treason on 24 Dec 1838 and trial on 2 Jan 1839. No former convictions, sentence: Lifetime exile. He was 5 ft 6 1/2 in tall, complexion sallow, (light olive brown) hair: brown to grey, eyes: brown. Particular marks or scars: 2 front upper teeth decaying, raised mole under right side of chin, hairy breast and arms, third finger of right hand contracted, scar on ball of left thumb, another on ball of left hand."
From the 3rd court trial of rebels, "...Pierre Hector Morin, patron de navire, de Napierville, age de 58 ans, pere de cinq enfants, incendie (instigator), comdamné à mort, deporté."
His age here of 58 would suggest he was born in 1780, in conflict with tombstone dates.
The mix of rebels on board the ship of exiles is reflected in the bed places of Pierre and his son. Two box-like beds holding up to 4 people each below the gun deck had 2 lawyers, a doctor, a farmer, and a merchant`s helper.
The records taken of prisoners in Australia in Mar 1840 have the age of Pierre at 54, which, depending on his birth date, would have him born in 1785 or 1786. The tombstone engravings state he was 82 in 1866 at death. He died on 1 Oct 1866 in Amherstburg ON. He was buried in St John the Baptist Cemetery Amherstberg.

He was married to Marie Victoire Cote (daughter of 2nd h Charles-Claude Cote and 1st w Angelique-Victoire Dupere) on 25 Jul 1808 in Notre Dame de Quebec Quebec City. Marie Victoire Cote14,1 was born on 11 Nov 1787 in Quebec. An uncle was Pierre Forton and an aunt, Marie Anne Derome
The oil paintings of Marie Victoire and Pierre Hector are in the Fort Malden Museum near Amherstberg, ON. The oils were done in 1808, the year of their marriage.
Dr. Cote, a leader of the Rebellion of 1837/8 was a half-brother to Victoire.
When Pierre was living as an Exile in Australia, Victoire went to live with son, Achille, in Sandwich, the Windsor ON area of today. She died about 1860 in Quebec. Captain Pierre-Hector Morin and Marie Victoire Cote had the following children:

+9 i. Pierre Hector Jr Morin (born in 1808/9).
+10 ii. Achille-Gabriel Morin (born on 17 Jul 1815).
+11 iii. Eugenie Morin (born in 1821).
12 iv. Lucien Morin1. A farmer in the Saint-Valentin or Napierville area. He participated in the rebellion of 1837 with the Napierville Camp. Arrested 11 Nov 1838 in the company of his father near Odelltown as they were attempting to leave to the United States. Listed as "arrested for an act of rebellion" In early 1839, he was condemned to death. Went to St Louis MO after 1840.

7. Dr Cyrille-Hector-Octave Cote15,1 (2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel-3, 1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born on 1 Sep 1809 in Quebec. He died on 4 Oct 1850 in Hinesburg Vermont. He was a half brother of PH Morin, and was also involved in the Patriotes organization in Napierville as a leader with Papineau. With a price of 500 pounds on his head, he fled to the United States to later join up with Dr Robert Nelson to attack Lower Canada from the US. After the cause of independence was lost, he remained in the US practicing medicine and renounced the Catholic Church to become a Baptist minister.
Côté would hold many professions during his life, teacher, doctor, politician, journalist and minister. He had been a supporter of Papineau as early as 1826 and would play a key role in the event of 1837 and 1838. Côté led an assembly of rebels with Papineau at Napierville. After the defeat at St. Charles, he fled to the United States. Here he joined up with Robert Nelson and together, without Papineau, they plotted a second rebellion. Early in 1838, an attempted invasion of Lower Canada failed and Côté was arrested by the Americans for violation of the Neutrality Laws. However, he was quickly released and immediately began planning for another invasion. Nelson and Côté led the rebel forces into Lower Canada on the night of November 3 and 4 and captured Napierville. But this second rebellion was decisively defeated at the battle of Odelltown. Côté broke with Papineau and the other exiled rebels in 1840. He converted to the Baptist Church and worked as a minister in both Canada and the United States. He died after an illness in 1850

He was married to Margaret Yellowby Jobson in 1833 in Napierville Quebec. Margaret Yellowby Jobson1 died on 21 Sep 1851 in Hinesburg Vermont.


9. Pierre Hector Jr Morin16,17,16,16,1,18 (Captain Pierre-Hector-4, 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel-3, 1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born in 1808/9 in Montreal Lower Canada. He died on 19 Feb 1871 in Sandwich Essex County Ontario. His age in Feb 1871 was noted by census as 63. A customs house officer as was Edmond Anderson who married Eugenie Morin, a sister of PH Morin Jr. and the daughter of Pierre Morin and Victoire Cote. He was appointed Postmaster of Sandwich (Windsor area) in 1843 until 1865. He kept the post office in the William G. Hall building, at Lot 5, East Bedford Street (now Sandwich St).
A letter from Pierre Hector Morin in Australia was sent to Victoire, Achille`s mother, living in Sandwich. The federal census of 1871 notes a Peter Heaton Morin living in Sandwich as a customs collector. Five common points of reference would strongly suggest this is `our` Pierre Hector JR. Perhaps the political climate of the day in Ontario, which was anti-French and anti-Catholic `encourage` the name change.

He was married to Jane Langley Howse (daughter of Richard Howse and Mary Langley) on 25 May 1836 in Detroit MI. Jane Langley Howse19,20,1 was born on 21 Mar 1819 in England. She died on 2 Aug 1907 in Toronto CA. She cannot be located in the 1881 census of Sandwich. Pierre Hector Jr Morin and Jane Langley Howse had the following children:

13 i. unamed Morin1 was born on 24 Jun 1837 in Essex Co ON. He died on 24 Jun 1837 in Windsor Essex ON.
14 ii. James (Jacques Edouard) Morin1 was born on 1 Jul 1839 in Sandwich Essex County Ontario.
+15 iii. Albert Napoleon Morin (born on 8 Jun 1841).
16 iv. Jules Tancred Morin1 was born on 13 Nov 1844 in Sandwich Essex County Ontario. He died > 1907 in New York. The 1871 census listed him as a telegraph operator in the Town of Sandwich in household #144. He fought for the North in the US Civil War with the 23rd Michigan Infantry. Tancred was in Alpena MI, on the NE coast on Lake Huron, for 3 years
17 v. Samuel Gardiner Morin1 was born on 22 May 1847 in Sandwich Essex County Ontario.
+18 vi. Mary Jane Victoria Morin (born on 27 Jul 1852).
19 vii. Rose Eugenie Morin1 was born on 12 Aug 1856 in Sandwich Essex County Ontario. She died in Feb 1891 in Windsor Essex ON. She was buried on 8 Feb 1891 in Windsor Essex ON.
20 viii. Achille Morin1 was born c 1856 twin in Sandwich Essex County Ontario.

10. Achille-Gabriel Morin1 (Captain Pierre-Hector-4, 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel-3, 1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born on 17 Jul 1815 in Montreal. He died on 30 Aug 1898 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. Achille was the treasurer of the Napierville Patriot Camp leading up to the Rebellion of 1837 in Quebec. He was slightly wounded in a leg while escaping from British troops. He, along with his father, was incarcerated in a Montreal jail in the fall of 1838.
Description after sentencing in 1839 in Montreal or that upon disembarking at Parramatta Prison in Australia.
"Achilles Morin, age 25, could read and write, Catholic, single, a clerk in Montreal, charged with treason on 24 Dec 1838. No former convictions, sentence: Life of exile. He was 5 ft 7 1/2 in, tall, pale complexion, brown hair, dark hazel eyes, marks or scars: mark of a large burn on left side of mouth, small scar on left side of forehead, scar inside of top of forefinger of left hand, another on top of little finger of same."
From the 3rd court trial of rebels, 24 Dec 1838 to 2 Jan 1839..".Achille Morin, cultivateur de Napierville, age de 22 ans, non marie, condamne a mort, deporte."
As the French Canadian political prisoners (Exiles) had exemplary behaviour, they were sent to the less confined camp at Longbottom, about 10 miles from the Sydney of the times.
They were allowed to make wood boxes and firewood to sell in Sydney, and even allowed to walk there and back.
With his father, he returned from Australia via England in August of 1847.
He and brother Pierre went to Missouri for a few years, but came back because of the climate, and they both settled in Amherstberg ON.
The Collector`s Roll of Amherstberg 1860 list him as a freeholder of 1/8 acre part 2 Ramsay St. The 1861 census lists him as a clerk and widower. The voter`s list of 1862 list him on Lot 6 Ramsay St. The 1866 Collector`s Roll has him as a freeholder of Lot 6 Simcoe St. In 1871, he was living as a freeholder on Lot 6 Ramsay St. An anomaly here with that census is the age of Achille and the spelling of his name. His age is given as 52, which would place his birth date to c 1819, and Achille has an "s".
From the Amherstberg Echo- 1898 after his death, "the town loses a man of kindly disposition who was beloved by all his acquaintances. He was well known for his generosity and liberality."
Fauteux notes Achille was born in 1810.

He was married to 1st w Marie-Esther Elizabeth Routier (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Routier and Elizabeth Cazeau) on 4 Nov 1851 in Montreal PQ. 1st w Marie-Esther Elizabeth Routier1 was born about 1822 in Quebec. She died on 11 Jun 1860 in Amherstburg Essex County ON.

He was married to 2nd w Marie Antoinette Caldwell (daughter of William Caldwell and Ruth Johnson) on 19 Nov 1861 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. 2nd w Marie Antoinette Caldwell21,1 was born on 26 Oct 1828 in Malden Essex County ON. She died on 11 Nov 1900 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. She is listed as being 36 and English (through her father) in the 1871 census, but her tombstone in St John the Baptist Cemetery in Amherstberg list her as 72 years. Achille-Gabriel Morin and 2nd w Marie Antoinette Caldwell had the following children:

21 i. Marie Anne Victoria Morin1 was born on 22 Nov 1862 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. Known as "Anna". She became a nun, Sister Gregory.
22 ii. Francoise Philomene Eugenie Morin1 was born on 12 Mar 1867 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. She died on 28 Dec 1868 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. Known as "Jenny".
+23 iii. William Hector Morin (born in 1869).
+24 iv. Elizabeth Jane Morin (born on 23 Sep 1864).
25 v. Louise Morin1 was born > 1870 in Sandwich Essex County Ontario. She died > 1901. She became a nun kniown as Sister Gregory

Estelle Routier (1)1 died in 1859 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. Achille-Gabriel Morin and Estelle Routier (1) had the following children:

26 i. a son Morin1 was born about 1853. He died in Oct 1855 in Amherstburg Essex County ON.

11. Eugenie Morin1 (Captain Pierre-Hector-4, 2nd w Marie Rose Duhamel-3, 1st h Capt. Julien-2, Robert-1) was born in 1821 in Montreal. She died on 17 May 1891 in Amherstburg ON. She was buried in Rosehill Cemetery Amherstburg ON. Eugenie Morin Anderson is the last of our known direct ancestral lines of French Canadian background. Her descendants live across North America. Many descendants of her brothers live in the USA.
From Reid`s Marriage Notices: 1846, at St George`s Church Montreal, Edmund Anderson Surveyer of Customs Ft Erie, son of J.W. Anderson M.D. Pictou NS to Eugenie, only daughter of Capt P.H. Morin, Harbour Master of Montreal, by Rev Leach.
As she was Catholic, her girls went to a Catholic church, but the boys to a Church of England in Amherstberg ON.
The only known picture of Eugenie dates c 1875.

She was married to Edmond John Anderson (son of Col James WiIliam Anderson and 2nd w Margaret Gordon) on 25 Aug 1849 in St George`s Church Montreal. Edmond John Anderson1 was born on 23 Jul 1822 in Golspie, Scotland.22 His 3rd name was Chamberlayne. An Episcopalian. Collector of Customs at Amherstberg and Surveyor of Customs at Ft Erie. Arrived in Pictou NS with father in 1832. He died in 1884 in Amherstburg ON. He was buried in Rosehill Cemetery Amherstburg ON. Eugenie Morin and Edmond John Anderson had the following children:

+27 i. Rose Cecilia Anderson (born on 25 Aug 1851).
+28 ii. Rev. Pierre Hector Anderson (born on 5 Jan 1853).
29 iii. Charles Stuart Anderson1 was born on 8 May 1855 in Amherstburg ON. He died on 4 May 1881 in Amherstburg Essex County ON.
30 iv. Edmund James Anderson1 was born on 23 Apr 1857 in Amherstburg Essex County ON. He died on 30 Nov 1894 in St Clair MI.

Prepared by:
Cliff Huber
R R 1
Kakabeka Falls ON CA
P0T 1W0


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