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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - <i>Depression and Emigration</i> paru dans le <i>Mirror</I>, Toronto, 18 mai 1838)
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Depression and Emigration paru dans le Mirror, Toronto, 18 mai 1838)
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The people are, in truth, now flying from this Province as if it were "a land of pestilence and famine". The Transit (commt.- a steamship), which left here on Wednesday last for Lewiston, contained upwards of two hundred persons. Many of them were our most wealthy and enterprising farmers. We learn further, that the applications at the "Mississippi Emigration Society" in this city, are so numerous as to be almost beyond belief. We trust Sir George Arthur will disentangle himself from the baneful oligarchy that surrounds him. Almost all our merchants are suffering, owing to the impolitic conduct of the late Executive regarding the Banks; our substantial farmers are leaving for what they call more liberal institutions, where they will have a voice in the selection of the men that will govern them; In short, if something be not done soon by Sir George, we are likely to become nothing but Province a [sic] of paupers.


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