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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - Charles Durand, dans le <i>Caroline Almanac</i> (Rochester, 1839)
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Charles Durand, dans le Caroline Almanac (Rochester, 1839)
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Matthews always bore up in spirits well. He was until death, firm in his opinion of the justice of the cause he had espoused. He never recanted. He was ironed and kept in the darkest cell in the prison like a murderer. He slept sometimes in blankets that were wet and frozen. He had nothing to cheer him but the approbation of his companions and his conscience. Lount was ironed, though kept in a better room. He was in good spirits. He used to tell us often, in writing, not to be downcast; that he belived "Canada would yet be free"; that we were "contending in a good cause." He said he was not sorry for what he had done, and that "he would do so again." This was his mind until death. Lount was a social and excellent companion, and a well-informed man. He sometimes spoke to us under the sill of our door. He did so on the morning of his execution: he bid us "farewell! that he was on his way to another world." He was calm. He and Matthews came out to the gallows, that was just before our window grates. We could see all plainly. They ascended the platform with unfaltering steps, like men. Lount turned his head at his friends who were looking through the iron-girt windows, as if to say a "long farewell!" He and Matthews knelt and prayed, and were launched into eternity without almost a single struggle. Oh! the horror of our feelings! who can describe them?"

["The Arthurs Papers. Being the Papers Mainly Confidential, Private, and Demi-Official of Sir George Arthur, K. C. H., Last Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in the Manuscript Collection of the Toronto Public Libraries", Ed. by Charles R. Sanderson. Toronto Public Libraries and University of Toronto Press, 1943,1947.]


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