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Les Patriotes de 1837@1838 - Lettre de James Buchanan à Sir George Arthur, Lieutenant-Gouverneur du Haut-Canda (10 mars 1838) marquée "private Confidential
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Lettre de James Buchanan à Sir George Arthur, Lieutenant-Gouverneur du Haut-Canda (10 mars 1838) marquée "private Confidential
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I question whether my Loyalty would lead me to take this liberty, yet did I regard British interests more than my private interests, I would run the risk, of speaking openly for where are [sic] your Excellency to look but to those deeply interested in the success of your Measures, - I have stated no man is more interested in the general prosperity - others have family interests to promote, other have office or power in View, all of these I disclaim but my firm Conviction is, that the Colony will be lost to the Empire, if the people are not led to believe that the Queen Governs, and not - the family - Independent Men will keep alooft [sic] from your Excellency - You have all the tools to work with, which have too long prevail[e]d, and without appearing to oppose, they will thwart every act, which is not in accordance with the interests of those who pull the same rope - I feel in the duty I owe my Sover[e]ign and my family, I have done my duty in this Very frank statement; had I done less I might have reproached myself - I ventured to name Mr. Neilson he is too independent and will not obtrude upon your Excellency, but perhaps no other Man in Upper Canada stands so free from all parties - his determination is to leave the Province unless he sees a change - I do not know who he is aquatinted with at Toronto. - his address is The Honl. Robert Neilson Lake View Ston[e]y Creek near Hamilton, - he wants no office, favor or Appointments for any, and if he leaves the province the Consequence will be that many will also withdraw. Pardon Sir this letter - I shall never again presume to repeat these Sentiments- I feel I have done my duty, - and I pray your Excellency to pardon the Manner of doing it... [P.S.] The family Compact: Robinsons, Jones's, McCauleys [sic], Bo[u]ltons, Archdean Strachan - Majors; All men in office in the Province through the above influence Legislative Council Included -Minors.

["The Arthurs Papers. Being the Papers Mainly Confidential, Private, and Demi-Official of Sir George Arthur, K. C. H., Last Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in the Manuscript Collection of the Toronto Public Libraries", Ed. by Charles R. Sanderson. Toronto Public Libraries and University of Toronto Press, 1943,1947.]


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